A disabled person who fights back is not disabled….but inspired’   

Group Captain Sir Douglas Bader


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A PLACE FOR PARK - 4th Nov 2009


Battle Of Britain TV has been supporting a campaign  run to honour the great Kiwi World War II RAF commander Sir Keith Park, AOC of the 11 Group, who took the brunt of the action in the Battle of Britain.

The campaign has been a great success and Keith Park's statue was  unveiled on the 4th November 2009 in Trafalgar Square!

Coming soon - "A Place for Park" watch Battle of Britain TV's film about Sir Keith, and this campaign in his honour.

Follow Battle of Britain TV's film crew as they travel throughout the UK and New Zealand, interviewing key Historians, Air force figures and Park's family, uncovering the secrets behind Park's genius.

The leader of 11 group 's Defence of Britain in World War 2.  the man who became known as The Defender of London.

Please visit www.sirkeithpark.com for further information about the campaign. Please watch this space or email us to find out when our film on Keith Park will be available.

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Read the Logbook of

 one of The Few

70th Anniversary

Page by page, follow the journey of a young fighter pilot, from his training, through to his qualification and first flight in a Spitfire, days before the start of the Battle of Britain.

Not listed as one of the Battle's Aces in any of the historical records.  His logbook tells a different story........... 

Click on the log book to follow his story, updated weekly: